Dresden Files: Against the Darkness

Season 1: Episode 2 - Father (Session 1)


Game Time: March 27th, 2012
Real World: May 26, 2013

Isaac fell upon his bed another long day behind him. Two weeks since everything changed. After meeting Nikko Chicago had fallen apart. Dresden dead by an assassin’s bullet. The White Council wiping out the Red Court. With power structures turned upside down Isaac had been busy keeping the various signs of new power struggles under wraps from the mortal world. And in his free time hanging out with Alex in bars and cemeteries looking for a clue to where this Longshadow fellow was.

Feeling sleep beginning to take him he rolled over into a more comfortable position. That is until he heard the sound of the tv’s. Lots of them. Talking over each other. As if someone was in his office playing with his bank of tv’s.

Isaac rolled out of bed as he tried to shake the sleep out of his eyes. Quietly he snuck up to his office door. On the desk was a bottle of his grandfathers special whiskey. The TV’s where on and someone was in his high backed chair faced away from the door.

Isaac cleared his throat and the figure spun around.

Alex my boy! Good to see you.

Uh, hi Dad. Good to see you too?

I didn’t take you for an early riser. Changing habits as you age, eh?

Yeah. Early riser. Right. Dad, what are you doing here?

Can’t a father just stop by to say hello.

From New York?

You got me there. I was passing through on an assignment. Wanted to ask about the Green Woman and if you found what you are looking for.

Green Woman? Oh, Vera?

Oh, so you did find Vera? Ok. Good.

So you stopped by my home just to follow up on a phone call from over two weeks ago?

No. Just wanted to make sure you were talking about the actress Vera and not Nikko.

Nikko? Who is that?

Oh you would know if you met her.

And if I did?

Run. Run to some far away beach and hide away. She is crazy and anyone who is around her dies. Bad news. It wasn’t her, right?

Not her. We were looking for the actress.

Alex was tired. The last two weeks of chasing down any hint of graveyards, clubs and other locations Anubis might be found had left him drained.

On top of that Alex had been trying to stand in as the Warden of Chicago. Spending untold hours in Accorded Grounds around Chicago in case anyone needed help. So far no one had approached him for help.

His relationship with Bo had grown. Alex was happy to learn his summoning of the Spirit of Knowledge had worked. Bo really knew weapons, but not much else. While Alex was a bit concerned Bo was more than he seemed and not in his control, for now he seemed benign.

Flipping through a Chicago Reader while sitting in McAnally’s pub Alex an article jumped out at Alex. A family had built a replica of Ramses II’s tomb as their private residence out in Wadsworth. The family which lived there was considering opening their home again to some limited tours in the near future.

This was a promising lead! Time to call out to the others for help.

Imogene grabbed a large paper coffee cup as she moved slowly towards the counter. Business had been good the last few weeks. Isabella was becoming a decent backup bakers and learning more and more. She also had become very religious going to mass when ever Imogene would let her go.

Mary did a good job with the front of the shop. She currently was engaged with some customer with an European accent. They both appeared oblivious to a large spider on the counter near them. Imogene quickly gathered a large cup and tossed it over the spider casually to not arouse suspicion.

As she reached for the cup to move it away she pulled her hand back quickly noticing the spider was not under the cup, but just behind it. The sudden motion alerted the others. Mary, always being practical, quickly swept up the spider with a broom and dust pan. She took the trapped creature outside and tossed it into.

Paddy sat down on the bus seat. As his back touched the backrest he could still feel her claw marks on his back. The raven haired beauty from his dream had left real claw marks on his back. Her coal black eye staring at him. Why ask she asked him to name her?

He tried to put her out of his mind. He needed to focus on the test today. Too much of his final grade was riding on it.

The bus bounced and Paddy’s eye met with a dark haired stranger. The man kept staring a Paddy furrowing his brow.

“Yes?” asked Paddy.

“It is probably nothing. You just look like. Would you name happen to be Paddy? Paddy Murphy?”

“Actually it is.”

“Wow. Now that is a coincidence. Hi Paddy. I’m Archie.”

“Hi. Do I know you?”

“No. We have never met. I was once knew your father.”

Paddy sat in stunned silence. His father. The man he knew nothing about. His mother had never spoken of him. From what he had gathered from one of his aunts his mother had gone to Ireland as a young lady, met someone and came back pregnant.


“Yes. He once called me a trusted Lieutenant. I saw you mother yesterday at Church. She is looking well.”

“Oh, how was Father Flanagan sermon?” ask Paddy, knowing that the Father had been out.

“Oh, he was out ill. Another of the juniors filled his place. I understand he did well. My stop is coming up here. I’ll be in town for a few days on business. Funny enough your father is who got me into this business.”

“What do you do?”

“I am schooled as a barrister. My business is to mediate between the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches. Each has many relics and other historical items which the other values. I help mediate and facilitate agreement to allow for exchanges when they can be found. I am actually on my way to one such exchange. Perhaps you would be interested to come along?”

“I have a test I need to go to.”

“Here is my card. I’ll be a the Sheraton. Stop by if you have some time.”

Paddy took a look at the card. Archie Lartessa. Antique Exchange.



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