Dresden Files: Against the Darkness

Season 1; Episode 1 - Pilot

Game Time: March 15th, 2012
Real World: March 17th, 2012

Alek looked about the library’s main halls. The building was clearly old. Faux wood the front desk and the 50 year old florescent lighting. Definitely not the Newberry. Approaching the librarian at the front desk Alek cleared his throat quietly to get her attention.

“Excuse me Miss. I am looking for part of the collection on Greek…”

“Shhh!” the Librarian scolded him, finger pressed to her lip. She then turned back to her reading.

Alek stood silently in shock for a moment.

“I said I’m looking for a recent display book. Greek coins and their parent cities by John Ward and Sir Geroge Francis Hill.”

Without looking up she replied “Greek history books to the back of the first floor, right side.”

“Thank you.”

Paddy came in with a flustered. No place in the city is hard for him to find, yet he must of missed the Library entrance four or five times. “I must be tired from all the extra class work.”

Passing through the front entrance with the normal pictures of rich men in suits he pauses for a moment. There is a face in one picture he recognizes, but cannot place. With the placard missing and a paper to finish he drops the thought and moves to the main hall.

What luck this library’s topic of the month is on coin collecting. Hopefully they would have all of the books he needs. A big sign labeled Numismatics hung over a set of tables in the front lobby. Approaching the tables he see Imogene hovering over the table in the front lobby with her eyes closed.

“Hi Imogene. Looking for some new recipes?”

The small woman jumps startled, receiving a shushing reprimand from the front desk. Demurred, she blushes slightly.

“Oh, hello Patrick. How good to meet you again. No, not tonight. Um, you could say I had the urge to find something to read and well, here I am.”

“It’s Paddy. Well, I’m here on a term paper. These papers won’t write themselves, though I sure wish they would. Are you into coin collecting? That’s what my paper is on and I could really use some help.”

“Coin collecting? No, I could not say I have. Why do you ask?”

Paddy casually points to the big sign overhead.

“Oh my. Well, um. It looked interesting so I came over. I could not say I have ever looked into the subject myself. Well beyond bible passages and … um….”

“Guess I will have to do this the old fashion way and actually read some of these. Lets see what we have here.”

The pair study the options on the table. The front door again slams open as they hear a harsh breeze and the sounds of a breaking storm from outside along with the new visitor.

“Damn it! It better not be damaged!” says the new comer as he pats down a camera with a hand towel from his oversized fanny pack. The Librarian tries her normal rebuke, but to no avail. “Lady, don’t shush me. You have no idea how expensive this thing is and … oh hey! Paddy! Imogene! Fancy meeting you here!”

He strides up to the pair, water still dripping from his coat and baseball hat. “What a storm, right? That thing came out of nowhere.” A loud crack of thunder snapped as if to emphasis the comment. “Whoosh. Hey, either of you have a towel handy?”

Paddy smiles “Hey there Issac. Small world. I might have something in my bag here one minute.”

Another crack of thunder rolls through the building, this time taking the lights out.

“No problem. I have a light somewhere in here under my school books.”

Before finding the light the front door lurches open again. Silhouetted by the dim street lights they see numerous figures making there way in.

Paddy’s vision and reflexes better than most he also see the large knives in the hands of the figures entering. He quickly guides his friends out of the main hall and behind some book cases.

From the front hall comes screams. First cries of battle from the figures storming in and then from the Librarian. Paddy quickly takes his phone out and puts Imogene’s finger on the power button.

“Use the wall to guide you to the rear of the building and call 911.”

The little woman nods in the darkness and takes the phone to the rear. She notices some stairs in the leading to a second floor. She heads up the stairs and takes refuge behind some bookshelves. Her heart pounding she turns the phone on and watches it go through its boot sequence. Shoving the book she had grabbed from the front table into her purse she tries to wait patiently with prayer.

“Oh Holy Father. Please see me through this. And if there is anything you can do to speed up this phone tonight I would really appreciate the help.”

She quickly dials. "Help. There are some street thugs here attack the library…The Walter McDonald Public Library… What do you mean where is that? " She quickly recites the street address. “Please. Hurry. I hear screaming. Who me? I am Imogene. I have a small bakery here in the city. … How close are they? It sounds horrible down there. Hello? Hello? Are you still there?”

Imogene looks at the dead phone, her heart racing ever faster. “Oh God. Please don’t leave me here.” She then remembers the little thing she had in her purse. With the sounds of battle below she steels herself with prayer as she pulls the vial out

Magnificat: anima mea Dominum.
Et exultavit spiritus meus: in Deo salutari meo.
Quia respexit humilitatem ancillae suae:
ecce enim ex hoc beatam me dicent omnes generationes.
Quia fecit mihi magna, qui potens est:
et sanctum nomen eius.

Downing the liquid as she returns to the first floor Imogene uses the wall to steady her legs creeping slowly toward the confrontation. In the main hall she sees Issac using his camera flash to provide lighting. The unnatural flickers of light makes it seem as if she is watching some sort of odd home made horror movie.

Issac is kicking a prone man as the tall handsome man from the history section orders the knife wielders to leave. They do not take kindly to his suggestion. Dodging out of the way of their knives he face plants into a wall, falling unconscious.

Imogene sees another smaller man wielding a cane with much ferocity knocking the legs out from the pair gathered around the handsome and heroic, yet unconscious one. Paddy is behind the desk holding off another pair of hoodlums with only his fists like someone out of a storybook. Imogene makes her way to check on the fallen man as Issac shouts what she can only guess is some sort of ancient battle cry, scaring a number of the foes out of the building. The man with the cane moves like water across the battle field, downing the rest.

The unconscious forms of their foes lay across the dark main hall. “These look more like the homeless than a gang.” Paddy observes. He and Dom, as the man with the cane introduced himself, search them. Not finding much Dom takes a few of the knives from the fallen while Paddy noticing all of the jeans were similar finds a tag labeled PROJECT TOMORROW with a handwritten note of LOT 9430 in a few of the pockets.

As Imogene nurses Alek back to consciousness they slowly stand together. The both notice a symbol the attackers had carved into the countertop. Both eyebrows go up and they recognize the symbol. Alek whispers “Unlock?”

It is then the police and EMTs arrive as the lights come back on. The night passes with medical attention and providing numerous statements. The Librarian heaps large amount of praise on those gathered for saving her life.


“It is time.”

“Are they ready?”

“No. Who is? And our guest is nearly here.”

“Hm. This is worse. Our numbers have dwindled.”

“Yet in the darkness even the dimmest…”

“Yeah, yeah. You have not changed a bit. Sigh. Come on. Before I loose my nerve.”


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